You are four young historians who have just stumbled upon the world’s first time machine.  You are interested in going back in time to see what the United States was really like at the birth of its modern era.  To make the best use of your efforts, you’ve decided to split up once you arrive.  Each of the four of you will impersonate a different role from the past to try and gain knowledge about that person’s experiences.

One is a captain of industry owning a major corporation, another is a laborer working in an industry, another is immigrant that just arrived to the U.S., and finally another is a farmer trying to tame the Wild West.  Regardless of your own life experiences in 2010, you are to attempt to understand each person’s historical life experiences.  Once you feel you’ve gathered enough observations, you’ll be transported back to 2010 and reunited with your colleagues.  Together the four or you will determine if the name “The Gilded Age” is an appropriate description of the era.